Car Types

Hino LiesseII



Type Hino LiesseII
Lenght 699cm
Width 203cm
Height 275m
Number of Passengers 17pax as maximum (+6 Jump Seat)
Luggage Space Available
Other Equipments ETC、Radio, GPS, USB cable adapter, Hand Carry Shelf, Air Condition, Micro Phone, Drink Holder, Seat Rack, Upper Shelf

Exterior and Interior

  • マイクロフォン

    Micro Phone

  • シート


  • 荷物スペース

    Luggage Space

  • 荷物棚

    Hand Carry Shelf

  • 広々とした座席

    Luggage Fall Prevation Pole

  • 飛沫防止カーテン

    COVID-19 Splush Prevention Sheet

  • 飛沫防止アクリル板

    COVID-19 Prevention Acrylic plate

  • 飛沫防止消毒液

    COVID-19 Prevention Sanitalizer