car types


Comfy seats for all


Drink Holders to all seats


Wide luggage space for multiple use

Air condition for each seats


Well, the first reason is that orange has the meanings of vital, active, striking, persuasive, and all positive meanings. Because we want to host all our guests with the attitudes of vital and positive mind. Also, we eager to share this energy with our guests. We hope that the orange power sweeps away all negatives for our guests by moving with us.

The second reason is that it is easy to catch!! At parking lot, sightseeing point, street, airport, and all locations, our striking orange easily catches your eyes.

The golden orange, from variety of orange colors, are selected as the basic of our company color from these reasons. Does it work?

typeA_01 typeA_01
14 seats available
*6 to 12 as moderate
Luggage space available
*6 to 8 as moderate

micro bus

Wide comfy seats

Wide comfy seats


Wide Luggage space

Air Condition/Heater



This micro bus is improved its luggage space for hosting more people. The most back row is taken away for that reason. If the auxiliary seats are included, it is 22 pax as max. The fridge can provide cold drinks in summer season. This size is the very best to get round with right size group.

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