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Plum Tree Garden & Taste of Local Temple Town

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*operated as
mid. Feb. - mid. Mar.
(up to its condition)
The plum tree garden has traditional tea houses in the property. Those houses are sometime used for Samurai TV dramas, because of its historical figure. When the plum trees are full in bloom, a lot of visitors are attracted to walk under the plum tree tunnel. There are variety of colors of small flowers you can enjoy with traditional tea houses.
After visiting the garden, we will take you the nearest local temple, which is known as the grave of NICHIREN, who is the founder of one of the biggest Buddhism clan in Japan. After the temple is your choice. We will recommend ODAIBA or other areas upon your request.
Time Duration 09:00 - 17:00(about 8hrs)
Full Day = 8hrs
Plum Tree Garden (IKEGAMI BAIEN)
This public small garden has about 370 plum trees!! Plum trees are normally lower, so that you can enjoy its fragrant small flowers very close to your face. | IKEGAMI HONMONJI TEMPLE
This historical local temple is usually used for our web site and facebook for its events and seasonable pictures. All structures are deeply recommended to hang out with your camera. Main temple, Five story pagoda, Main gate, Sutra strage, Bronz bell, and some famous graves of historical persons. | RYUSI KAWABATA ART MUSEUM
Ryusi Kawabata is one of the founders of Japanese oil painting. His enthusiastic devotion into his art work is recommended to see. The museum operates small tour for his gallery studio house, which used actually by him. Its orignal unique house has a lot of things about his art life. | Shinagawa Historical Museum
This small fancy museum has good exhibitions to know the covering areas in this tour. The history shows from primitive to modern time eras to study wide time history. The garden in the museum is also nice Japanese style with the tea ceremony house, which is still in use.
*(window) means basically not to get off.
* The route will be changed due to pick up location
or other necessary reasons.
* We will make photo stop upon your request with adjusting time schedule. However, we will sometime reject your stop request due to traffic and restricted locations.
Included -Driver Guide
*Driver Guide is in English / Japanese
-All toll fees
-All parking fees
-All Addmission fees
(Plum Garden,Ryushikawabata Art Museum, Shinagawa Historical Museum)
-All taxes
Excluded -ALL MEALS
-Personal expense
Price Please give us your group size and planning date.
We will give you the estimate.
We accept 1 to 12 pax as maximum.
  • White Plum Tree fully bloomed
    Bloomed Plum Tree
  • lower trees are easy to see the flowers very close
    Small vivid flowers
  • Beautiful carps swim in the garden's pond
    Japanese Carps in the pond
  • Japanese Garden with one of the tea houses
    tea house
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