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When you visit Tokyo / Japan by small group, you might need to arrange
a lot of thing for your group before your visit,
like Accomodation, Meal, Visiting Location, Transportation,
Translator, Guide, and Day Schedule are as the least things.
We are specialized for any small groups, such as 17 people as maximum,
like family, incentive and inspection tours of company, and even media service.

To prevent your headache from origanizing Tokyo / Japan trip,
our ENGLISH ESCORT DRIVER SERVICE is deeply recommended.
Our driver will cover and help your stay as guide, translator, driver, coordinator, and so on.
You can travel round Tokyo and variety of areas with our English speaking driver for your entire trip.
We serve our customers with our best rates, so please ask us the estimate with your itinerary.

Of course, we will arrange accomodation, meal, local tour, inspection schedule,
and some other requests for your itinerary with our best rate.

About our "OFF-BEATEN PASS" trip as Hands-on feeling

In our business, a lot of clients have asked us to take them to real local areas, like they can see only locals wandering in the areas. Also, we have thought that our clients always do not have much choice to get round "small Tokyo".
From this point, we provided "Off-Beaten Pass" trips with our original spices.

The locations on the courses are carefully designed to get round small towns passing by alleys and alleys.
You will see kids are playing on the street, an old man is praying at a small local shrine, and young mothers chatting on the corner, then ask to the driver "what's that?"
It is one of our priorities to show you real life stages of Tokyo.
We call this policy as "Hands-on" based policy.

Of course, we also provide you well known spots, like Ginza, Asakusa, Hakone, Mt.Fuji, and other areas, including long distance areas and overnight trips.
Our driver guide will accompany you with small local info. and histories.

For our local tours, we build up partnerships with a lot of local temples, shrines, museums, parks, shops, and restaurants.
We use local facilities and shops to promote local economies and to welcome our clients with the locals.

Our final goal is to give our guests their memorable trip.
No hesitate to ask us any questions;price, contents, your original plan, and so on.
We will give you back soonest reply.

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